Flight of the Phoenix

This whimsical picture started out as a scribble on a sheet of paper. My mom used to play a game with us as kids where we'd take turns drawing a scribble and then turn it into an object or animal. This particular scribble looked like a bird in flight to me, so that's what I made!

I experimented a bit with this picture by using free-motion stitching to create extra swirls in the background. This picture is also a wall-hanging. I sewed a border, loops for a rod, and used invisible thread to stitch every cut edge, but it's not a traditional quilt because it's not quilted and has no batting. I find it highly ironic that this picture was born from my desire to find a way to finish my fabric artwork without needing to frame it, but I never made the connection to "art quilts" until 17 years later.