This quilt is unofficial fanart of the character Link, from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. My husband talked me into trying Breath of the Wild myself after I'd watched him play for days. I ended up loving it so much, I was inspired to make this quilt.

I've always loved art nouveau-style artwork, and decided to use that style for the cutaways of the background. The background itself is from the starting area of the game. It's seen when Link first steps out of the cave in which he awoke. The orange circles and outlines around the background sections are Sheikah-themed, and the runes around the border are Sheikah writing.

The runes actually spell a message. Anyone who has played Breath of the Wild will recognize it, although I did change it a bit. Starting from the bottom left and going clockwise around the quilt, the message reads: By completing this quilt you have already proven your worth. The seven runes at the bottom of the quilt spell my name: Kestrel.

This quilt was the first time I've ever used custom-printed fabric in my art. I drew Link's face and fingers on my iPad (without eyebrows, eyelashes, or eye highlights), and had them printed at Spoonflower. This enabled me to have smooth gradients for Link's skin. I added the eyebrows, eyelashes, and eye highlights with pieces of fabric in the process of assembling this quilt.

If you'd like to see process photos, please see this blog post.