Leap of Faith

In this alternate steampunk reality, Faith loves bungee-jumping off the side of her airship, accompanied by Bubo, her pet mechanical owl. It takes a very unique perspective to think falling through the sky with only a thin tether between life and death is fun! This quilt depicts the fisheye photo Faith took on her latest jump to test her brand-new camera and selfie stick.

Does that sound familiar? Does this quilt look familiar? You wouldn't be remiss in thinking so. At first glance, Leap of Faith looks almost identical to Steampunk Selfie, another quilt of mine. But Leap of Faith is 150% larger, has 250 or so more pieces of fabric, uses 15 more fabrics, and has vastly more stitching.

I've documented my process for making Leap of Faith here.

If you're interested in reading further on how the two quilts differ and why I would bother making a second quilt of the same design, this blog post explains it all.