Rose is an amputee with a mechanical leg, a steam-powered dog, and a really big gun, but she still has to look good when going into battle. Style is just as important as weaponry in the steampunk genre, especially for privateers like Rose.

Rose was my very first steampunk quilt and the first fantasy character of my own creation. She's part pin-up, part privateer, part steampunk, and part art nouveau. I was fresh off my high from creating Link, and I wanted to make another character, but one from my own imagination so the full copyright would be mine. Rose was born from a combination of my imaginings on pirates, pin-up models, steampunk in general, and Alphonse Mucha's art nouveau artwork.

Rose has since inspired ideas for quilts depicting the other members of her airship's crew. Jason, the ship captain, has his own self-titled quilt. Faith, in Leap of Faith, is another crewmember.

This blog post documents how I created Rose.

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