Steampunk Pup

This little spaniel patiently waits for his human to finish readying the ship for flight. He knows he’ll be going with her since he even has his own pair of goggles for safety. He doesn’t care where they’re going; as long as he’s with his girl, he’ll be happy. In real life and fantasy, dogs are always the same.

My own pups are constant companions in my studio. There are fluffy beds tucked under both sewing/work tables so they can always be as close as possible. I like to think about the fuzzy sidekicks joining my steampunk characters on their adventures, and those thoughts were the inspiration for this quilt.

Steampunk Pup LE 01/10, as seen in the photos on this page, was my donation for the 2020 SAQA Benefit Auction. It was purchased during the opening weekend. The second Limited Edition 02/10 is featured as part of a demo during my interview for the 2021 SAQA Seminar.