Steampunk Selfie

In this alternate steampunk reality, Faith loves bungee-jumping off the side of her airship, accompanied by Bubo, her pet mechanical owl. It takes a very unique perspective on life to think falling through the sky with only a thin tether between her and death is fun! This quilt depicts the fisheye photo Faith took on her latest jump to test her brand-new camera and selfie stick.

This is the first fabric picture or quilt I've ever created that has not used a "traditional" camera view. Steampunk Selfie was designed specifically for the SAQA Florida "Perspectives" show, and I wanted to have a fisheye visual effect as a literal interpretation of the show theme.

Another fun fact: Even though this quilt is not the first steampunk-themed quilt I've made, it IS the reason I'm making steampunk quilts at all. My original idea was to quilt a traditional bungee jumper falling from a bridge, but it just felt too ... mundane. I was trying to figure out a way to make it more exciting/unusual/"out there", and my mom suggested I make Faith a steampunk bungee jumper. I have been coming up with steampunk quilt ideas ever since!

If you'd like to read more or see some process photos, please see this blog post.