This is the second picture I created for my "adjectives that end in 'y'" series. I considered several different animals for this one, including a sloth, a panda, and a bear, but ultimately decided to go with some sleepy dogs.

The reason I chose bulldogs, specifically, is half for their personalities and half for their wrinkles. Bulldogs are very stubborn and lazy, (at least those my aunt owns always have been), and I wanted to convey that obstinate, lethargic attitude with wrinkles, open mouths, and lolling tongues. The dogs in my picture are going to sleep in a big pile and there's nothing anyone can do about it!


Shortly after starting Fancy, I'd started going to a local drawing group to practice drawing live models. I wanted to rebuild my confidence in my ability to draw, but also teach myself how to draw on my new iPad.

By the time I started Snoozy, I'd been drawing digitally for a few weeks. I was also starting to get the hang of making templates in Adobe Illustrator. For Snoozy, I drew the bulldogs on my iPad and made a full-color, full-size template in Illustrator.

Then, I printed the template in color and went back to "manual mode" for the rest of the process. I traced each piece on WonderUnder, hand-numbered each piece, and cut all the fabric with scissors.