The Best of the Best Show at the A. E. Backus Museum

On Saturday, October 14, 2017, I attended the opening reception for the Best of the Best juried art show at the A. E. Backus Museum & Gallery in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

The show was stunning and showcased very high-quality artwork in a large variety of mediums. Photos of the show itself were prohibited, but I do have a picture of me next to my own submission, Florida Beach Patrol. I also won a Merit award, which can be seen hanging to the right of my illustration.

Attended the Best of the Best Juried Art Show at the A. E. Backus Museum & Gallery in Ft. Pierce on Saturday. My entry, Florida Beach Patrol, won a merit award! @aebackusmuseum #artshow #fineart #florida #beach #flamingo #fabric #award #fabricart #galleryart

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This iteration of Florida Beach Patrol is an updated version of the design I originally created many years ago when I was still in college. Back then I did not have enough skintone-colored fabrics to accurately create show the girl's body, so I opted to use acrylic paints for the highlights and shadows instead. Now, however, I have a full arrangement of skintone fabrics (more than I needed, in fact), and so I updated my design. The first edition can be seen in my gallery.