Wombo Dream App Art

Have you ever struggled to come up with an idea for a new picture? Have you been figuratively stuck in the creative doldrums? Wouldn't it be helpful to have an on-demand spark of creativity to jumpstart your brain?

In this digital age, inspiration is just a tap away.

What is WOMBO Dream?

In a nutshell, WOMBO Dream is an AI-powered app that creates art. It's developed by WOMBO AI, a Canadian company specializing in using artificial intelligence (AI) to "transform the ways entertainment and AI work together". Although WOMBO Dream is not the only tool that generates art using AI, it's very accessible and honestly pretty impressive.

WOMBO Dream takes an input from the user and uses that as a prompt to generate an image in a variety of styles. In the example below, the prompt I've entered is "Blueberry pancakes" and I've chosen the "Vibrant" style.

Wombo Dream

Tap "Create" at the bottom, and let the app do it's thing. Here was the result:

Blueberry Pancakes 1

The image on the left is what you'll see in the app. If you download the generated artwork, it will be formatted like the image on the right.

Each generated image is entirely unique; re-generating from the same prompt will result in something new. Here's what I got when re-generating the same prompt a few times:

Blueberry Pancakes 2

Save your pictures or they'll be gone for good!

Last but not least, selecting a different style will also dramatically change the artwork WOMBO creates. Here are "Blueberry pancakes" generated in Wuhtercuhler, Dark Fantasy, and Festive:

BlueBerry Pancakes 3

All the possibilities...

The artwork WOMBO Dream generates is not true to realism, but it's certainly suggestive of the original prompt in a way that is abstracted yet unmistakable. And for the most part, all of its creations have pretty solid composition.

I've enjoyed just playing around to see what it will create (as I'm sure you can tell, from the "Blueberry pancakes" prompt up above!). As an imaginative realism artist, WOMBO Dream's creations have given me maaaany ideas. Here are some of the other images I've made with WOMBO Dream.

Prompt: Hidden Village in the Mountains

Hidden village in the mountains

Prompt: Lightning tree

Lightning tree

This is a more abstract prompt: Something wicked this way comes

Something wicked this way comes

The more I played with this app, the more I felt my creative juices flowing. The possibilities are endless!

What's the catch?

The "catch" is the copyright. No human created any of the images in this post. A computer did. The computer was created by humans, but it learned about art and creativity by looking at millions of images that were created by humans. The artwork it created was based on a prompt I entered. That's a sticky wicket if I've ever heard one, and so far the questions of "Is AI-generated artwork copyrightable?" and "Who would own the copyright of an AI-generated artwork?" have not been answered in court or by law.

So what does that mean for us? My best advice is to use any artwork generated by AI as inspiration only. Do not use AI-generated art as-is. Make your derivative artwork differ significantly from the source so your own creative touch is clear.