Save Your Scissors

This lecture & demo is available in person or online.

You will learn everything you need to know about how to design for DIY cutting. My DIY cutter of choice is a Cricut, but this information is also applicable for Silhouettes and other at-home cutting machines.

Covered in this program:




Available As A Video Lecture Series

Through October 2021, I am teaching this class as a six-part series through Patreon. Each month from May through October, I'll release an instructional video that explains in detail how to do the part of the process we're covering that month. Any Patrons subscribed to the Aeronaut tier will also have access to a LiveStream event, during which I'll broadcast myself doing the same process as described in the instructional video. The video will demonstrate how to do it and in the LiveStream I'll show you how I do it in real time.

LiveStreams are also interractive. Anyone tuning in can use the chat to ask me questions during the event, and I can answer by replying to the camera.

This is the schedule:

To View This Lecture Series

Sign up to the Aeronaut Tier on my Patreon. All videos and LiveStream recordings will be available to that tier as I release them, and the entire class will be available after October.