Transition Year

Kestrel had been making fabric pictures — fused appliqué with no quilting — for 13 years before learning about cutting machines and art quilts. Those two things were the incentive for her to update her manual design process by incorporating the use of computers and modern technology.

Over a year and half of time, Kestrel created seven works of art, gradually incorporating new methods and techniques. At the beginning of 2017, Kestrel was designing with pen and paper, cutting fabric with scissors, and finishing her work in frames. By late summer 2018, she was designing entirely on the computer, cutting fabric with a Cricut machine, and sewing her work into quilts.

This presentation is the story of how she did it. Kestrel will share the seven artworks she created during that 16 month stretch of time, the hurdles and pitfalls she encountered and overcame to make the transition a success, and further challenges she solved after becoming an art quilter.

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